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Top Ten Reasons to join Norwich FarmShare – #7 Reduce packaging waste

Welcome to number 7 of our Top 10 reasons to become a member of Norwich FarmShare. Don't forget you can still get a week of FREE veg* with our new member offer.

#7 Reduce packaging waste We're sure you're aware plastic is a big problem. None of our produce from our farm is packaged in plastic and very few of our suppliers use any plastic. We're working on the ones that do.

Pods, outer leaves and peel Lots of vegetables have their own natural packaging and with such a short journey from farm to plate there's no need for extra protection

All of this plastic waste is completely avoidable. Most of it can’t be recycled and will end up in landfill. When you collect your vegetables from FarmShare you weigh them into whatever bag or container you bring with you.

Did you know? Plastic bags are illegal in Kenya. Anyone caught producing, selling or using them risks a £30,000 fine and up to four years in prison. Be more like Kenya. Use a tote bag, bike pannier, rucksack or basket to collect your veg from FarmShare 

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