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Caring for the earth and each other.

Sustainability on all levels, including financial and emotional.

Fun, celebration and nourishment.

Honesty, openness and social responsibility.

Inclusive, collaborative and enabling.

Educational and innovative.

Fair shares.

Social justice, including food and racial justice.

To sell local produce grown using organic principles for a Norwich network, within a CSA framework.

To be a viable model for sustainable community farming. 

To encourage community engagement in the growing, consuming, education and celebration of local, ecological and seasonal produce.

Promote sustainable land use through ecologically sensitive methods that involve no chemicals, ‘treading’ lightly on the land, with minimal disruption to ecosystems, working with not against nature.

To contribute to a diverse and resilient local economy by producing food for the local community and also providing training and employment opportunities.

Sharing knowledge and expertise to educate and enable others to benefit from our experiences.

To co-create a viable community with a focus on social dividend, contribution and sharing in place of financial profit and loss.

To do the work of an anti-racist organisation. View our Anti-Racist Resolution here.

We’re part of a worldwide movement of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) schemes, and the largest of its kind in Norfolk. CSAs are a partnership between farmers and the local community, in which the responsibilities, risks and rewards of farming are shared.

We're also a Community Benefit Society which is a type of cooperative. A CBS can only benefit its members - that's why you have to be a member to buy produce. As well as making sure it works financially for everyone, FarmShare also provides a social benefit - for example, running educational events, group activities and training. 

When you sign up to pay your monthly subscription, the first £1 of this buys your official share in the coop. As a coop member you will be invited to attend and vote at the AGM held once a year. It also means you have a share in the responsibility for how the coop is run - holding the FarmShare Board to account for key decisions.

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