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Resolution to Affirm Our Commitment to
Doing the Work of an Anti-Racist Organisation
31 January 2021

Whereas:  Norwich FarmShare was born out of the Transition Town movement, which was born out of permaculture, which has at its core three ethics:  earth care, people care and fair share; and


Whereas:  Norwich FarmShare’s stated values include caring for each other, social responsibility, inclusivity and collaboration; and


Whereas:  Norwich FarmShare recognises there are societal barriers and racial inequities in place that hinder inclusivity and collaboration; and  


Whereas:  The murder of George Floyd on 25 May 2020 in the USA catapulted the Black Lives Matter movement into the forefront of global consciousness, a movement that shows how our history of colonialism and white supremacy persists into the present day and exists at the core of most of our organisations and institutions; and


Whereas:  These racist, colonial roots persist in the current global food – and food trade – system; and


Whereas:  The UK movement of sustainable community farming of which Norwich FarmShare is a part is – both historically and currently – predominantly a movement of and for white people; and


Whereas:  Racism is known to exist, even if subconsciously, in the general public, including in people who care deeply about the environment and about justice in general; 


Therefore, be it resolved that: 


  1. Norwich FarmShare is committed to being an anti-racist organisation, as part of a wider effort nationally and internationally to building an anti-racist food movement.

  2. Norwich FarmShare will support its white members of staff, its Board and wider membership in their efforts to understand their own responsibility and stake in taking on racial justice.

  3. In order to become an anti-racist organisation, Norwich FarmShare will implement the following:

    a. Our values. 
    Add to our values: “Social justice, including food and racial justice.”

    b. Our aims. 
    Add to our aims: “To do the work of an anti-racist organisation.”

    c. Racial Justice Committee. 
    Norwich FarmShare will create a Racial Justice Committee. The Committee will be tasked with carrying out the work resulting from this resolution and with identifying other ways Norwich FarmShare can do the work of an anti-racist organisation. The Committee will work collaboratively with the Board and wider membership. The Committee will report annually on its work at Norwich FarmShare’s Annual General Meeting.

    d. Education and Training.
    All staff and Board members will participate in an introductory workshop regarding our work to be an anti-racist organisation. This applies both to current staff and Board members and to any new recruits in the future. The wider Norwich FarmShare membership is welcomed and encouraged to participate in such training, which will be provided at least once annually. Racial justice will be embedded in all future training and educational workshops.

    e. Internal Review of Policies and Procedures.
    Through the Racial Justice Committee, Norwich FarmShare will conduct a thorough review of our internal policies and procedures (e.g. regarding hiring and staff development). Based on the assessment a set of recommendations will be made to the Board for review and approval.

    f. Outreach. 
    Norwich FarmShare commits to reaching out to people of colour in our community in solidarity, without expecting anything in return.  

    g. Time and finances. 
    In recognition of Norwich FarmShare’s finite resources of both time and money, the work outlined in this resolution will be carried out on a voluntary basis by members of the community who form the Racial Justice Committee.

    h. Review. 
    The work of the racial justice committee should be assessed annually to ensure it is carrying out its intended purpose or needs adapting.

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