Our vision is to support food systems that educate, connect and empower local communities to be healthier and more resilient, to be rooted to the land and to each other, and to experience a direct relationship with how our food is produced. 

We do this by providing fruit and veg to our members every week, combining what we grow with produce we buy in from other local projects. We distribute these bags to our city Hub for members to collect, or for delivery by our cycle delivery team.

We have also offered volunteering, educational and social events to our members and to the wider public – including schools, youth groups and other disadvantaged groups - and we hope to do much more of this in the future once we're up and running on our new growing site. 


Working co-operatively with local agroecological small scale farmers and growers, we are part of a global movement - a network of small-scale, sustainable food growing projects. 

It all began in October 2008 when 50 people met to discuss the failings of our current food supply in Norwich. Norwich FarmShare was launched two years later and we began growing food for our members on a piece of land in Postwick.

Over these last eight years some 450 Norwich residents have been part of our growing community - learning about ecologically sensitive farming methods, enjoying and celebrating local seasonal food, and sharing knowledge and expertise.  

In 2016 we lost our rented growing land. After a long search, we have secured a new site at Whitlingham - a beautiful three acre, south facing piece of land. We are now in the process of setting this up - planting has started in the polytunnels, and we will soon be harvesting some of this, as well as overwintering salad crops later in the year. Further planting is planned for Spring 2019 – and we’re currently working to an ambitious vision of getting all three acres up and running by the end of next year. Watch this space! 

In the meantime, we are working with local producers to continue to provide delicious, fresh, chemical-free produce for our members each week.