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We are hiring

Norwich FarmShare is looking for an experienced grower to join our team. The new grower will join our farm manager to help with all aspects of running the market garden.

We are looking for someone who ideally has:

· over two years growing experience

· experience of running a CSA with over 50 members

· confidence with DIY skills including building and irrigation

· compassionate and professional communication skills and enjoys working with other people

· a full driving license

· some degree of flexibility in the hours they are able to offer to respond to farm work

· good knowledge of health and safety practices on a farm

The position is for 2 x 8 hour days a week (£13.75/hr) plus 3 hours a month on admin tasks (£10/hr).

We would like any prospective candidates to complete a one day trial day with us on the market garden.

About Norwich FarmShare

We are a Community Supported Agriculture farm with a Community Benefit Society legal structure. We currently produce veg bags for about 110-120 households a week. Norwich FarmShare was started about 10 years ago and historically suffered a fluctuating membership and poor finances. In the past it made frequent use of grant funding but is now self-funding. It is currently in a healthy financial situation but there is a lot of room for improvement. The market garden is an exciting place to develop your growing and farm management skills and we have lots of exciting partnerships with the community. We are looking for someone who can engage with the growing, marketing, volunteer management and business development side of the farm.

The site is a 2.5 acre peri-urban field on the south east edge of Norwich 4 miles from the city centre. We do not use chemicals but we are not certified organic. We are aiming towards no-dig. We have two polytunnels and a seed propagation tunnel. The whole field is surrounded by a rabbit fence. There is mains water and electric on site and a bore hole for irrigation. As we have only been on this site for 3 years we are still developing infrastructure and we are keen to find someone who has relevant experience and enthusiasm to help improve the facilities on the site.

We are privileged to have a very strong community involved with the farm and many volunteers who help on the farm and with packing. We are looking for the following characteristics in a new member of our team:

· enjoy working with people and be excellent at teaching inexperienced members of the public about growing.

· be patient and able to work with a range of different people

· use open and accessible language

· be kind and good humoured

· have a strong work ethic, be able to take the initiative and have very high professional standards

· be happy to adhere to our anti-racism, equal opportunities, safeguarding and professional code of conduct policies

Potential candidates will be asked to attend an onine or in-person interview with the farm manager and the board of directors. Interviews/trial days will be late December to mid Jan. Start date should be late Jan to Feb.

How to apply

Please email and

with a CV, paragraph about why you’d like to apply for this role with any other information you feel is relevant. Please contact us if you have any preliminary questions. The deadline for applications is December 3rd 2021.

Norwich FarmShare Grower role Oct 21 V3
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