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Top Ten Reasons to join Norwich FarmShare – #1 Eat Local

Over the next 10 weeks we'll be celebrating all the fantastic reasons to become a member of Norwich FarmShare, We'll also be running some offers and launching our new membership for businesses! Keep in touch and find out why we think being a FarmShare member is brilliant.

#1 Eat Local Food Eating local food is good for a number of reasons: Reducing your carbon footprint We use hand tools whenever possible and our farm is just 2 miles from Norwich.

Support your local economy Locally produced food provides opportunities to people in your community w.e have 3 paid roles at Norwich FarmShare.

Eating locally means you become in touch with the seasons You may get to try foods you haven't even heard of before.

You can have a close relationship with your food and where it comes from You can even visit our gorgeous farm and help out.

Local food is fresher We harvest our members food on a Thursday morning and they collect it from our central hub on Thursday afternoons.

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