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Team work makes the dream work

If the Norwich Farmshare field is a field of dreams then those dreams are gradually coalescsing into something rather beautiful. This is one those phrases that sounds a bit cheesy and clichéd but I’ve seen it in action time and time again. Farm work can be lonely and monotonous but done with lovely people it is so much easier and more fun.

We’ve had another busy Saturday volunteer day and a lovely crowd of people on Thursday. The hub would not function without the volunteers who set up and keep everything running smoothly.

I also want to take this opportunity to bring everyone’s attention to our bicycle delivery service run by Tom. For some potential members its difficult to get to the hub every Thursday. That’s why Tom has offered his services to bring your veg bag to you. For £12 a month we will weigh out your veg and bring it to your doorstep using pedal power. Go to our website for more details:

We have had some really generous donations recently and some new members have signed up meaning we are close to achieving financial stability for this season. We are still aiming for 100 members by June. Because we have limited funds for marketing we really rely on word of mouth from our members. Please share and tag our social media posts and tell your friends about us. There are leaflets available at the hub to give to friends and we are offering a free week of veg for people who sign up in the next two months. We will be present at various events over the next few months for example this coming week we will have a stall at County Hall. If you know anyone who works there please tell them to come and visit the stall. Thanks for all your help spreading the word. We hope you would be happy to recommend us to your friends. If not please tell us why.

On the farm our trays of hundreds of seedlings have been growing rapidly and will soon be ready to plant out. The nights have been cold and we don’t want to plant them out too soon but we don’t want to leave them in the confined modules for too long. Timing is always such an important part of farming. Our tomatoes, chillis, aubergines and peppers have been growing under lights so they are as strong as possible. The sooner we plant them out the sooner you will be getting these succulent vegetables in your bags. But we cant rush them because a late frost could kill the tender plants.

Thanks for all your support and feedback. Hopefully see you on the farm or at the hub soon.


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