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Young blood

Hello. We’re not far away from the clocks going forward and the trees are tinged with green. There is still the chance of a frost but it definitely feels very spring-like at the moment. Its been a fantastic week at the farm with lots of activity. We’ve almost run out of space for seed trays. Lots of outdoor beds have been prepped and some have been direct sown with carrots, turnips, radish and spinach. We’ve had a reassuring visit from the ferret man who says there are no rabbits inside our new rabbit fence which is a big relief. We’ve been experimenting with the irrigation system which will be crucial in the summer months. While we want to build up soil organic matter and increase the ability of our soil to hold onto moisture we will have to keep our crops well watered to ensure they’re healthy.

Volunteers were out in force on Thursday and it was great to see so many kids at the farm. I’ve been asked a few times recently if its OK to bring children to volunteer days. I reply with a very enthusiastic ‘YES!’ If children are not welcome on our farms and don’t grow up feeling a connection to the land, to nature and to where their food comes from then for me there’s no point in doing what we’re doing. Its hard work farming with a baby strapped to your back but we really do encourage all ages of non-adults to get involved in the farm. Farming needs young blood and I believe there is no better education than spending time on a farm. Aside from the familiar subjects like maths, science and physical activity farming teaches you respect, responsibility, empathy, dexterity, coordination, communication, listening, observation, creativity and much much more. And you can farm in a solitary way or as part of a team. Many people find gardening therapeutic and at a time when many people, especially young people, are suffering from mental health challenges farm work can be a great way to relax and be more grounded.

Farming can be for everyone. If you’re curious come and say hello. There are a variety of jobs to do or you can just observe and get a feel for how an organic market garden operates. See you on the farm!

Have a great week, Joel

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