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Top Ten Reasons to join Norwich FarmShare – #3 Top Taste

Its week three of our Top 10 reasons to become a member of Norwich FarmShare. This week we're spreading the word of Norwich FarmShare with a stall at County Hall, if you work there drop in and say hi!

#3 Top Taste Produce from Norwich FarmShare tastes amazing, better than any supermarket, here's a few reasons why:

None of our food is force grown. It's given the time to grow naturally at its own pace and tastes delicious as a result.

Fresh food tastes better. Produce from our farm is harvested just hours before our members collect it.  You can't get fresher than that!

Variety is the spice of life Sometimes you'll receive some veg that you may not necessarily have bought or even be able to buy in the supermarket. Step out of your comfort zone and take your tastebuds on an adventure. Join us today.

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