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Norwich FarmShare's AGM 2021

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

FarmShare's first digital AGM was a real success! We talked in detail about most topics on the agenda, and managed to elect two new board members (Patricia Parker and Carole Kenney) and pass a resolution to further FarmShare's work on being an anti-racist organisation. We have uploaded the Chair's, Treasurer's and Membership Officer's reports below, as well as the end of year accounts, and will add the meeting minutes in due course. The resolution, in full, is available for download in the below agenda.

Thank you to all the members, friends and team members who made it to this year's AGM - it was great to have you a part of it.

The AGM Schedule

This year's schedule was jam-packed! However, we managed to discuss all the topics on the agenda. The meeting minutes will be available on this page very soon, and publicised on our social media and in our newsletter:

2:00 - Meeting will start and we will welcome you all to our 2021 Annual General Meeting.

2:10 - We will then take a vote on whether we can be exempted from external auditing.

2:15 - The Chair's report - Presented by Lesley Grahame

2:20 - The Treasurer's report - Presented by Richard Crosby

2:25 - Q&A

2:30 - Grower's report - Presented by Jack Astbury

2:40 - Q&A

2:50 - Well-deserved break in breakout rooms. You will all get the opportunity to meet fellow FarmShare friends in smaller break-out rooms.

3:00 - Ash, our Membership officer, will present the membership report and delve into an interesting question - what is it about FarmShare that is valuable to you?

3:05 - Feedback session on the above question 'what is it about FarmShare that is valuable to you?'

3:15 - Jack will take the stage and present our second key topic we want to get feedback on: your thoughts and feelings about a price increase for the veg shares.

3:20 - Feedback session on the above topic.

3:30 - Board member election - this year we will be putting forward two board members for election. These board members have been co-opted through 2020 and now need the membership to decide on whether they are formally elected onto the board of Norwich FarmShare. They will continue to be part of the board, in the roles they were co-opted into, if the membership vote them in.

3:45 - Sabine, FarmShare member, will discuss the work she has been and will be doing with FarmShare to ensure we are an anti-racist organisation. This will include information about an opportunity for you to participate in a workshop on anti-racism and if you are a member, the opporunity to pass a resolution to formally acknowledge FarmShare's stance on being an anti-racist organisation, including the work FarmShare will do to actively ensure it is.

anti-racism resolution - Norwich FarmSha
Download • 71KB

3:55 - A time to share our appreciation with all our FarmShare friends before we say goodbye.

4:00 - We will aim to end the meeting at 4pm, but there is a chance we will run slightly over - we just have so much we want to share with you all!



FarmShare Chair Report
Download PDF • 149KB


Treasurer's report for AGM 2021 (1) (1)
Download • 40KB

End of year accounts:

NFS Accounts 2020
Download PDF • 300KB

Membership Officer:

2020 Membership Report
Download PDF • 97KB

AGM minutes:

We are currently re-revieweing the AGM minutes. We will keep you posted about the changes we have made and when they will be publicised, as well as how you can access them. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

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