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FarmShare Christmas Fair

Come and join us for a bonanza of festive fun and homemade treats - all proceeds to your favourite community farm.

  • Christmas carols

  • Wreath-making

  • Xmas card-making for young and old

  • Hodmedods home grown pulses and snacks

  • Homemade preserves

  • Mulled fruit juice

  • Handmade jewellery

  • Essential oils

  • Homemade hemp clothes and bags

  • Swap shop for Christmas cards and decorations

If you're not already a FarmShare member, signup before Christmas and we'll donate a week's veg to Norwich Foodbank on your behalf -

Or you could make a one-off gift to provide some fresh veg to Norwich Foodbank

If you would like to donate or sell quality goods or produce, contact us on

Wishing you a happy and sustainable Christmas!

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