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Could you be a Hub Hero?

As well as helping out with the growing and various other tasks, we also rely on volunteers to staff the Thursday hub. Hub volunteers are the heroes who ensure all members have access to their veg on Thursdays. It's a great opportunity to meet other FarmSharers, chat and share recipe ideas - and it's how we keep FarmShare going!

We’re looking for more volunteers to help with this: either setting up at the start, tidying away and closing at the end, or simply being there in between to welcome members and keep an eye on things. The commitment is not huge: you can volunteer an hour or so every month or do a shift every week – it's completely up to you!

We are running training for new hub volunteers in September, so if you haven't volunteered at the hub before and need a bit of guidance, it's the perfect time to sign up! Please email Sandra at

- 13th September - 3.30 - 5.15pm - how to set up

- 27th September - 5:15 - 7:30pm - how to do the shares and lock up

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