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Top Ten Reasons to join Norwich FarmShare – #2 Enjoy Chemical-free

Its week two of our Top 10 reasons to become a member of Norwich FarmShare. This week we've launched our new Business Memberships. If your cafe, restaurant or shop would like to buy amazing salads from us get in touch!

#2 Enjoy Chemical-free We don't use any chemicals on our farm, here's a few reasons why:

Bees and other pollinators are being wiped out by pesticides. They are essential to our food production system. All our veg is chemical-free to preserve the health of these important creatures.

Chemical-free vegetables contain more antioxidants than veg treated with pesticides. The vegetables produce them to fight off disease and hungry bugs, but they are great for you too. Get more nutrition with our chemical-free veg.

Studies have shown chemical pesticides can harm children and adults. They may even cause cancer. We can help you take care of yourself and your family by providing you with great chemical-free produce. Join us today.

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