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Come and join us for work sessions at Valpy Avenue

Upcoming sessions - Sundays 11am to 4pm:

22nd April | 6th May | 20th May | 3rd June | 17th June

How to find us - Valpy Avenue Allotments, Valpy Avenue, Norwich NR3 2EN. Use the entrance gates just south of the junction with Pinder Road (fourth set of gates down from Drayton Road) our plots are at the far end from the gates. We'll put a sign up by the entrance gates too!

The planning and practical session on Sunday 8th April was brilliant (despite some drizzly rain), with a good team beginning to transform the site. The space is already more accessible, with rotten timber path edging and old rotten pallet fencing removed. We also made a fantastic start on the nursery bed area, started sifting the old pile of green waste compost (which is lovely stuff, adding it to the nursery beds), cleared brambles and more old fencing, and even started plotting out new beds on the large allotment space to help visualise and adapt the early layout design ideas.

We'll be holding work parties every other Sunday for the time being, so the next one will be Sunday 22nd April 11am - 4pm. As well as continuing with site prep, we'll also have some potatoes to plant and seeds to sow. If you have any spare seeds you'd like to add to the collection please bring them along - any that are reasonably fresh (e.g. the last two years) or even newly bought would be amazing, and any seed potatoes from this year. And of course we still need more cardboard for creating the new no-dig areas too! We'd love to see you - come for as long as you'd like between 11am and 4pm.

Things to bring (if you have them):

  • Gloves (there are some spares in the shed)

  • Sturdy / waterproof footwear / clothes - the ground may be damp even if it's not been raining

  • Old compost sacks or similar (for filling up with previously dug couch grass and to be used for weighing down the sheet mulch. The couch grass will compost within the sacks and we can later add it back to the soil)

  • Tools for continuing to remove old fencing (e.g. wire cutters, pliers)

  • Wheelbarrow (we have one on site but the extra one last time was very handy)

  • Plain / non glossy cardboard (preferably with any tape already removed)

  • Drink and snacks / lunch if staying a while

Hope to see some of you there and fingers crossed for some nice weather.

And did anyone see the Bristol community allotments feature on Gardeners’ World this week? Great stuff, but I'm pleased Valpy isn't on a slope like that!

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