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Make a pledge! 

Our crowdfunder is going great guns! Big thanks to all our donors, supporters and friends.

We're close to meeting 50% of our target, at which point Santander will chip in with match funding to take us to the finishing line. If we reach the £25,000 mark before 11 December, we will be bringing in a stretch target to try to raise a further £2,500.

This would enable us to really tap into the energy of willing volunteers by paying someone to run work sessions and help coordinate volunteer input. In the long term we're working on a fundraising strategy to have a paid volunteer coordinator in post in late spring/early summer next year - further crowdfund monies would help us bridge the gap between now and then. 


Download news release here

What we will do with the funds

We will be using these funds to buy equipment and set up infrastructure on our new growing site at Valpy Avenue - including a compost loo, sheltered areas for packing and for volunteers, and a van. 

As well as growing delicious veg, we'll be focusing our educational and community engagement work on this site. We also have plans in the long term to develop additional growing capacity and opportunities for organic horticultural training on our beautiful three-acre, south facing, second site at Whitlingham. 

Contact us at to find out more 

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Thankyou...  to our team of volunteers for helping run this campaign and for contributing  time, skills, enthusiasm and passion. Thanks to all our members and supporters, to those who have pledged, and those who have offered fantastic rewards. 

Special thanks to Matt Robinson for a beautiful campaign video that has made us all proud |

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