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Join our co-op and receive fresh local vegetables from just £7.62 per week.
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Vegetable Bags

Available in 3 sizes


Available in 2 sizes


6 or 12
per week

Collect your eco-friendly groceries each Thursday from our Locker or have them delivered to you by bicycle. You can also sign up as a Supporter Member to take part in our community without buying veg.  

Visit our Ooooby page and
select your produce
Pay for your order as a one-off
or subscription
Start receiving your
veg/fruit/eggs each week 

The vegetables form the main staple of my weekly shopping. I find it really important to be able to know where this food comes from, help to grow it and to see the produce change as the seasons pass. 

Norwich FarmShare is an eco-award winning
not-for-profit cooperative, modelling sustainable urban food supply in Norwich. We aim to reconnect people with nature, share good food, and learn together... whilst and having lots of fun.

FarmShare Member

I love having a connection to the food I eat, knowing that my tasty salad came from down the road, grown by people I love and supported by my community. 

What a beautiful project!

FarmShare Member
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The project is community run which means you’ll get opportunities to visit the farm, join in with social events and volunteer your skills. Click here for details of upcoming work sessions at our Whitlingham growing site.

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